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Trump's Military Legacy (To Date, May 29 2020)

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I mostly copied and pasted this from my response to a post in a different Trump thread. It seems like an important enough topic for it's own thread.

When I look back over the past presidencies before Trump I recall lots of wars and lots of dead soldiers from other countries, and lots of dead and wounded American soldiers. Not so under Trump.

Other Presidents may have enjoyed more peace than Trump did. I dunno if Jimmy Carter had to do much militarily, but Trump also inherited an America that was at war with islamic state, terrorist attacks were quite common from 2008-2016, and America was also experiencing widespread rioting and looting for the last 3 years before Trump took over.

Trump doesn't have "a war", per se, but the fight that he inherited against isis from Obama was supposed to take a full 5 years, according to Barack himself. Trump wasted isis in less than 6 months.

Trump drew a firm red line against the use of WMDs in the ME and enforced it vigorously, twice. America roared (attacked), no one roared back. 

The whole ME strategy changed under Trump. There's no new ME war started, there's not a war there imminent, and when Trump has a problem with a terrorist group he kills their leader and that's about it. This isn't probably an option that other leaders really had before Obama, but Trump and his Generals have got a huge winning streak going against terrorist leaders that puts everyone else to shame. 

Under Trump's watch American forces have killed Suleimani (Iran's top Quds General), Al-Baghdadi (leader of islamic state), Qassim al-Rimi (leader of Al Qaeda) and Bashir Mohamed Qorgab (leader ofAl Shabaab), for starters. That's the pinnacle of the leadership of the 4 largest terrorist orgs in the world.

American forces haven't been killing honest soldiers from Iraq or any other ME country at all in the last 3 years, just islamic state terrorists that everybody hates. He hasn't given terrorist recruiters any juicy new reasons to kill.

Back to the latest winning streak - everything is coming up aces so far, like I mentioned earlier. The world knows that Trump will act decisively, and terrorist leaders aren't puffing out their chests because they know they'll die really quickly if they do. 

Other US Presidents left messes. They killed a lot of actual soldiers from other countries:

 Obama pulled out of Iraq too quickly allowing isis to form, called them a Jr Varsity terrorist sqaud and let them grow into a huge country which commited a sizeable genocide, and then he had Benghazi. Despite not "starting" any new wars Obama was a disaster. GW Bush was a disaster. The legacy of G H W Bush Sr was ok, but he started off that whole Iraq saga that saw thousands of Americans dead and wounded through the years. Clinton took over after the cold war was won, all he did was botch a mission in Somalia afaik. 

Trump's military legacy to this point is killing off islamic state in quick fashion, killing the 3 highest-ranking terrorists in the world plus Iran's top terrorist planner, and starting no new wars. 

What US President has as successful a military legacy as Trump? Eisenhower and JFK are the only recent ones with successes to match Trump (to be sure Ike and JFK's accomplishments dwarf Trump's), but they share the blame for the Bay of Pigs disaster. Trump doesn't have a Bay of Pigs yet. The Eisenhower Doctrine turned out to be the mother of all "cans of worms", and JFK escalated the war in Viet Nam. 

If you think back to when the US was fighting isis, the MSM liked to criticize Trump and act like he had no clearly-set foreign policy, but with the benefit of hindsight, Trump kicked ass and left no questions about America's resolve to deal with military issues quickly and to their own satisfaction.

I'd love to see a running total of how many US troops were wounded or KIA under Trump vs other presidents, and their lists of successes and failures. 


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It's an interesting question, but I would point out that war deaths (and other casualties) should be judged in the context of total population base at the time and associated impact on national resources.    Abraham Lincoln, the USA's consensus greatest president because he preserved the Union, cost the most American war time lives per-capita by far.    Lincoln also changed generals/flag officers far more often than Trump.

President Trump doesn't really make the KIA list, and he is on a steadily declining trend for presidents since the Vietnam War, for various reasons.



America will have more wars; it's what we do. And as we rely more on drones and other types of modern technology to fight, those numbers will likely decline even further.




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The cost of killing Soleimani can’t be figured out yet. Ditto tearing up the JCPOA and all the other agreements Trump has walked away from. That’s the easy bit that pleases ones friends. Making new deals will be much tougher. 

What about North Korea? 

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3 hours ago, Ryan Madison said:

Trump's military legacy is criminal. He has attacked Manu contries

I really felt bad for the people of Manu Original when they had to watch Trump give their President that big tit-twister by the statue of El Manu. Oh the shame.

The Bubonic Wedgie that he gave to the President of Manu Extra-Spicy was even worse. I think about it every time I take a dump. Now you will too. 

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