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Indian soldiers were briefly detained by the Chinese forces in Ladakh?

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1. Nazi Chinese soldiers getting beaten by democratic Indian "army". It seems like democracy always triumphs Nazism....

Though somebody may whisper: A single soldier with a driver in a single vehicle? It seems unlikely that this  was an invasion or even a border patrol. Was he probably a negotiator? Is detaining and beating a negotiator politically or legally correct?

2. But.....really?

Indian Army dismisses reports claiming detention of its soldiers by Chinese forces


Indian Army on Sunday strongly rejected media reports which claimed that its soldiers were briefly detained by the Chinese forces in Ladakh.
The army also said that such "unsubstantiated reports" hurt country's national interests.

3. It Seems like Indian Army didn't lie. The shield of a culprit in the video had "POLICE" printed on it.


The photo was posted on Chinese social media after the video showed up on Youtube, then being deleted. Some Chinese social media poster claimed that after these Indians chased after the PLA vehicle in the video, some PLA boats landed troops behind them and cut them off. Then 72 Indian culprits were detained. 

Of course I have no way to confirm if these video, photo and claims are true or false since both Chinese and Indian governments tight lipped on the incident. But I can not neglect the fact that  they do fit and explain many facts we have known so far:

1. Indian mainstream media reported "Indian soldiers were detained by Chinese army", except these guys who showed in the video and laid on ground in the photo were not soldiers;

2. Both governments abnormally tight lipped on the incident;

3. Indian government turned down Trump's offer to mediate the conflict----because if the video is true, Indian government must feel shame for these men's deed and don't want it drawing any international attention. 



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