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Is Canada a Christian country?

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39 minutes ago, Moonlight Graham said:

Canada is a secular country founded by Christians, so there are obviously some tips of the hat to Christianity here and there.

By tips of the hat, you may mean "PTSD from molested citizens" but ok. 

Well TBH, I'm being disingenuous here.  We get a lot of good things from our founding religions too, and I consider myself a Christian Atheist so I must accept the collateral damage from the particular cultural institutions that drove a cross into the mud and proceded to Godify Canada.

It's going to be grand, though, when the best practices of religion become entirely secularized and people forget about the transmagical stuff.  I own a copy of the Gospel of the Infancy... young Jesus, in that book, curses a boy who falls dead and his parents become blind.  Pretty cool.

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