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a vaccine is the application of a living virus to infect the body and inoculate a different virus of concern.

vaccines are not medicines, are not antiseptics, are not antibotics and are not inoculated viruses used to reinforce nor aid the immune system.

the misconception is used by the private self regulated vastly wealthy corporations to evade legalities, both in production and distribution, as well as liabilities.

this misconception that Vaccines are inoculated viruses used to give the body a boost, is perjury, mischief and corruption, and they are now trying to extort and exploit us, through our own legislative system and our government infrastructure.

I am not anti vaccine. I am anti fraud.

this misconception, is leading us down a very dangerous trail. and there is no vetting it. they fiend on the misconception intentionally. 




prime example is the use of cow pox to inoculate small pox. 


vaccine infers nothing else, but to infect someone with a different virus than the one of concern to inoculate that concerning virus. and no mixture of vaccine and medication or other additives is legally defined as a vaccine.




they are fearmongering us, and exploiting our incompetent and corrupt politicians. 

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And yet, vaccines work. Remember when small pox wasn't extinct? Remember the kids in school wearing leg braces or died from polio? Vaccines work. One problem is they haven't come up with a vaccine against stupidity such as people who refuse to be vaccinated.

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