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As if things aren't strange enough and now this. Reported just yesterday on June 27, 2020, Joseph Gregory Hallett claims he is the hidden King (King John III) of England and has won his court case to take his rightful place on the throne - which he is about to do. The Queen is in hiding under the pretence of Coronovirus and appears to have abdicated her throne and Buckingham palace by removing her shield from the front gates. The other royals also seem to be suddenly absent.
He claims that the timing of the Coronavirus is symbolic and in latin it means "Crown Him." But I looked up the latin definition and it actually means "Crown Poisoning," by him or the existing Queen would be my question if this were true. He claims that all world leaders have accepted and blessed this new change.
King John III would also be the King of Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Israel etc. He is on facebook, has written numerous books and has been fighting for his rightful place since the 1980's.
Make your own mind up. I found it curious and decided to share the information. He is convincing and seems to be a good man. But anyone who comes as a "savior" should be examined carefully in these times.
I've had to take clips from a couple of different sites so to find other parts of films, click on the youtube channel and you should be able to find what you're looking for.









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