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How do public daycares operate?

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Does anyone know how licensed "big box" daycares operate amid this Covid-19?

How do kids practice safe-distancing?  Do they all wear masks? 

I heard that some licensed day cares can barely operate with just the limit of 5 kids in the premises (to accomodate for safe distancing - solitary playing). I don't know how true that is.   How can they survive financially with the overhead of operation?

Illnesses easily spread among children.   They are effective too in bringing any viruses to their homes, spreading it in the family.  No matter how much we try to teach them safe-distancing, they wouldn't really understand.   How do you teach that to toddlers?


But, our nation can't, and shouldn't be at a standstill just because of this virus.   You can't be held hostage by a virus.  We'll have to adapt to it.  Trump is on the right track.  The longer you tarry, the harder it will be for economic recovery. 

Daycares are so essential!

I think, the safest way is to form "bubbles" in home daycares - a minimum numbers of families with the same focus and goal of keeping their children (and themselves), safe from getting the virus.  In the event of an outbreak - it's limited to that bubble.  So many moms whose jobs had disappeared are getting into opening home day cares.  These moms will be back in the workforce - just a different one.  There will be spaces! 

Private home day cares should be able to accept subsidized clients, in order to meet the demands for spaces.  

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