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Face Mask Toxicity Test - Fail! & Mist Test

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On 8/9/2020 at 4:11 PM, -TSS- said:

I bought a package of masks today. I think the masks are bollocks but if they will become compulsory for going into shops at least I'll have them. Wearing masks outdoors in the open air is just silly. In some countries even that is compulsory.

Sounds like common sense to me, problem solvedĀ ;)

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Due to some legal things people can't be forced to wear a mask here in Finland but only heavily recommended to do so. I wonder how that is since in many other countries wearing masks is mandatory and refusal to do so carries a very hefty fine. In the UK it is something like hundreds of pounds.

I only wear a mask at shops and in public transportĀ  because I don't want some busybody coming to me asking me why I'm not wearing a mask. Not because I would think masks are useful at all-

But does that make any difference? If the purpose is that people wear masks does it matter do they do so because they do so because they think it is useful or they do so because they want avoid hassle? Be a good sheep. Baahbaah.

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