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On 8/2/2020 at 10:19 AM, eyeball said:

So do the people in power issue orders to the groupies or something? How does that work exactly, secret hand signals, memos, emails, 5G signals...?

By standing by instead of taking responsibility as they were duly elected to do.  But that is about to be rectified, hopefully, as Federal District Court in Washington just upheld a lawsuit by more than 20 Seattle businesses and citizens who justly claim there lives and businesses were harmed during the protests.

"More than 20 businesses and individuals sued the city on June 24, alleging they suffered severe economic losses and were forced to live in fear and among filth for weeks when protesters took over several blocks not far from City Hall, and city officials effectively ceded authority and control to the protesters."

“Plaintiffs plausibly allege that the City’s actions — encouraging CHOP participants to wall off the area and agreeing to a “no response” zone within and near CHOP’s borders — foreseeably placed Plaintiffs in a worse position than they would have been in absent any City intervention whatsoever,” Judge Zilly wrote.

“Their allegations are also sufficient to show that the City acted with deliberate indifference to that danger,” he wrote."


I hope they win billions.


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