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No Hockey fans here?

I'm an unashamed Vancouver Canucks fan and our second game of the playoffs starts in about an hour and a half. Not optimistic about this one but what the Hell we'll get em' again next game. The defending Stanley Cup champs figure to come out on fire tonight though - after being disgraced by the Nucks in the first game of the series.

The Calgary flames play later tonight. They did alright in their opener too. Holy Smokes, Montreal's ahead of Philly 4-0 in the third right now. 

Here's the schedule at what they call the "Bubbles" in Toronto and Edmonton, where all the games are being played.


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I'm a Leafs fan.  I was disappointed they lost.  But I can't really complain too much because they outplayed Columbus, but ran into a hot goalie.  Tampa needed almost 90 shots on him in game 1 of their series to score 3 goals!

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90 shots
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Kind of boring to watch the playoffs when there is nobody in the arena. I also dislike the Dallas Star's green jerseys.

In other news the rink opened but we have to wear masks in the changeroom. It doesn't matter if you have VD, though.
These are significant issues.

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