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Does B.C. 2020 look like Orwell's 1984?

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Tough on crime.  That's what we need. Orwell would have worn a mask.

1. I concur. 2. Is your point that it's not a problem or that it is ?  I can't tell.   3. This is ridiculous hyperbole.  I can't take you seriously when you try to equate a contemporary democratic

You would have to have 500 people in the room before there is a 50% chance that one of them has the virus.

On 9/19/2020 at 8:22 AM, Grand Mal said:

In every crisis there's a handful of people that just can't be counted on, that cross their arms and refuse to be inconvenienced. "I don't want to and you can't make me!" Like the jerks who get caught building campfires during fire ban season they either deny the need or think it doesn't apply to people as smart as they are. Like the buffoon in the White House they consider everyone who chips in and does their part to be losers and suckers.

Anyone who refuses to take part in the safety measures should be handcuffed for a few hours to the bedside of someone dying badly with a tube snaked down their windpipe and a machine pumping air into them.

Why should I be inconvenienced because of what appears to be one big Convid 19 scamdemic virus hoax? Have you done any of your own research as to whether this Convid 19 virus is as bad as what your dear leaders and the media tell you? Well? Maybe this is all just a part of an Orwellian 1984 plot and coup being now played on us all. 

I would sure like to know more about this virus from your own research that you no doubt have not done yet. Why do I always get the impression that people like you are a dime a dozen and only they seem to feel that they know it all? Try looking up "Event 201" on the internet to see and get the other side of the story as to what may be really going on here. Go ahead, make your day and mine. 

In every created crisis there are always followers like you around who will believe anything their dear leaders and the media tells them. Those followers never ask questions or challenge anything told to them by our lying politicians and the lying media. The difference between leaders and followers is that leaders ask questions and challenge their politicians and the media. And because those leaders dare to do such a terrible thing they are attacked by the many buffoons out there who seem to feel that they know all and those that ask questions do not know anything. Those leaders are those silly azz conspiracy people who believe that there may be a conspiracy going on here by chance and should all be laughed at. I will bet that 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination was not all a part of a conspiracy, right? 

As far as I can see here right now is that you are just another one of those Joe and Mary six pack trained seal followers who will just go along to get along. They call them cowards and wimps. They never ask questions or challenge anything. Is that you? It sure looks like it to me.

In my case, I do ask questions, and I do prefer to act more like a leader rather than a follower. I will take the time and the effort to get the other side of the story. Try it sometime instead of always trying to attack people for their views and opinions on something you really know nothing about. And I say that you know dyk all about this China virus. Just saying. :D

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The policy of locking down seems to be ineffective. When the virus first hit it was not the people with lots of contacts who were infected, but those who had few contacts. Kids in crowded schools, not many infections. restaurant servers and other service industry workers not many infections, people attending sporting events not many infections, transit users not many infections not many infections. The majority of infections and almost all the early deaths were in long term care facilities, where the patients were not going into public places and making new contacts. It seems that there is a small percentage of the population that are vulnerable to the virus, and the vast majority of the population is not at risk. There are some healthy individuals that will become infected, but this seems to be because of quirks of the immune system, just as some people will die if they eat a peanut. It is possible that most of the people that who are at risk of being infected, have now been infected, and the virus will burn itself out.

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