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"AMBITIOUS," is the key-word.

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Many times, Trudeau has been describing what his plans will be - which will be given at the throne speech.  The term "ambitious,"  has been in all of them.   With that I can almost guarantee that the spending that will come is something that we can't really fathom.   This is the time to take advantage of the situation.  The pandemic seems to be working on his side. 

He mentioned the environment, therefore - he'll be pushing forth his AMBITIOUS grandiose environmental plans.  The NDP is sure to get on board with that.  Perhaps the PQ, too.

Universal child care is most likely a shoo-in.  The NDP will no doubt support that.  Most likely, the PQ too.

This might be the time to usher forth the Universal Basic Income - transitioning from the CERB benefit they gave out.  The NDP is sure to support that.  Perhaps the PQ, too.

Free College/university education might be in that plan, too.  How can the NDP not want that?

....those ambitious perks might not only be for Canadians.  Anyone who gets their foot in the door will be entitled to it.


We'll see come Throne Speech day how much we're looking at here (assuming everything is transparent).  But I don't think the Liberals are going anywhere anytime soon. 

We won't have an early election.

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