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I love how Canadians hate America so much but can't do anything about it.

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Never happen. Geography makes sure we're joined at the hip.

A few Canadians do hate Americans, mostly pseudo-intellectual third year Arts students, too under=educated to appreciate that Americans are the greatest super-power in history. By greatest, I mean the

A higher standard of living, longer life expediency, a less politically divided society, a lot less people dying from COVID-19, Universal Healthcare.  Should I go on?  BTW I love America. I

15 hours ago, cantstopnow said:


No, I disagree. You see, I finally understand where anti-Americanism stems from.... it's because America, despite all the bad things they've done, has never been stopped. Germany and Japan both did bad things. How come the world doesn't hate them? European empires did bad things. How come the world doesn't hate them? China is doing bad things in the South China Sea. How come the world doesn't hate them and a lot are even siding with them, including Canadians? Because all of them were stopped, destroyed, suffered starvation, suffered countless deaths inflicted upon them, especially with China.


The US has never suffered such a fate. It's not fair! They did bad things too! Why haven't they fallen? Why are we still allied with them! Why is my country still trading with them! They are arrogant to think that they are better than everyone! How dare they! We should all hate them until..... well.... until they..... ummm..... we should just hate them for the heck of it!


And to prove this, why is nobody talking about people who are actually committing crimes against humanity? Countries that are starving? Have no water? People who are in dire poverty? Why is everyone talking about Trump? Why is everyone talking about stupid fat Americans?


That is why a lot of people want America to fall apart and want a lot of Americans dead, and yes this mentality is embedded in the Canadian mentality too.



Like Grand Mal?



You should tell that to Grand Mal.

Third-grade arts student? My formal education ended at grade 12, unless you count apprenticeship. 'Course, it was a Canadian high school education, so there's that.

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6 hours ago, Grand Mal said:

'Course, it was a Canadian high school education, so there's that.


Does this "Canadian high school education" teach the canuck simpletons to dictate to others what they can or cannot do and what they can believe or cannot believe in?


And I think this "Canadian high school education" failed you.

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35 minutes ago, WestCanMan said:

So you think that Canadian culture is the best culture on earth? 


According to canucks it is.


By the way if America is bad, why hasn't Canada severed ties with the Yankee imperialist aggressors yet?

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