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My Post Was Removes

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My Post was removed because Charles Anything claimed it was cross posting. But he haven't provided proof as to where the post was seen prior. This is discrimination and a plot to just take down my powerful post. There is no freedom of speech on this website because certain posts are censored. Even my brother who is a police officer stated that this is discrimination. Certain information they don't want people to know about. So much for this Facebook controlled website. 

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On 9/19/2020 at 10:11 AM, Horus said:

My Post was removed because Charles Anything claimed it was cross posting. 

Thank you for your report.  Now you have a choice: 

1) ignore it and move on ---- free to participate in the discussions while respecting the forum rules and guidelines to the best of your abilities; 


2) permanent banning after "proof" is provided to convince whoever of whatever. 


SHORT VERSION: Do not play stupid here and do not even think of gas-lighting the public.

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