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The Devil At Your Heels (1981) Ken Carter's historic attempt to jump the St. Lawrence River.      

I know there has been a LOT of activity by me in this club the past few days...just waiting-out a family medical emergency...you know how those things go. How we cope...

Depends how far back you want to go. Ook threw the first rock... Things were always bad. But things were stable sometimes for centuries. Why that is, is debatable. Watched a good show a

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Vozrozhdeniya Island


No longer an island...

This former island in the shrinking Aral Sea was the site of the Soviet Union's biological warfare research. Here, deadly viruses and bacteria were developed and tested for possible weaponization. Successes apparently include weaponized variola using the India-1967 strain of the virus as well as anthrax, plague and certain flesh eating diseases. Not a nice place...and poorly guarded, today. Sleep well...




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