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Top Election Issues Among American Voters (Pew Research)


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Top issues for Trump supporters are economy, crime; Biden supporters prioritize health care, coronavirus

I was watching Fox this morning and they showed a poll that said that only around 4-5% of voters who are already 'decided' could still be influenced to change who they're voting for between now and election day.

I don't doubt that's true, I would have believed them if they said it was 2%, but to be honest, 4% is still a lot. It's by far enough to tip the scales in a swing state. I also think that voter apathy can kick in between now and the election, and while people who insist that they'd never vote for Trump are probably right, I can see how a lot of people would be discouraged from voting for Biden after they see him try and stay coherent for 90 minutes straight. 

Anyways, how I see this list here affecting the debates, is that for the most part candidates would love to focus on their own topics in the discussion, and score some points on them, but the guy who can steal the other guy's lunch on their party's major topics can do some real damage.

IE, Covid and ethnicity. These are topics that the Demmie voters are very keen on, and I think Trump will hit them hard and make a meal of them.

Re: covid, keep in mind that for a lot of Americans, they'll be hearing about Trump's actual fight against the coronavirus for the first time today. All that they've heard up until now is Pelosi/CNN's version of events, which is so inaccurate that it isn't even worth listening to. Unlike Pelosi and CNN who sell their propaganda unopposed to fake sycophant media, Biden will have to try and hit a target that's hitting back today. Trump will hit back hard, and Biden hasn't seen a tougher question than "how firm is your stool" for 6 months now. 

Re; ethnicity, Trump can hold Biden's feet to the fire over the racial jungle comment, record-low unemployment, and imo Trump can score a major victory on the topic of law and order. Even Charles Barkley came out in favor of policing. There are a lot of black voters who really do want police in their neighbourhoods, they're really not being served by CNN and the Dems, and Trump can really differentiate a GOP-led America from a Dem America on this issue. Keep in mind that one of Trump's favorite topics is how to save black lives in Chicago. Dems have literally no answer for that problem (which isn't really much of a problem for them because they apparently don't give a shit). 

CNN's "fact checkers" will be hard at work today, trying to save the day for Joe, but I don't think there's much doubt about who will win the debate. 



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