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The British Columbia election.

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Well, it is now official. The buffoons have spoken and we now have a majority socialist/communist government in power here in BC today.  I had this terrible feeling that most people here in BC were socialists or communists and this election just proved that to me. They want more government in their lives and not less. 

The liberals wanted to abolish the PST for one year which would be good and great for all, even for those socialists, and save some money. And they also wanted to get rid of ICBC and allow competition. But no, those buffoons who voted those socialists/communists into power once again want to keep the PST around and keep their government car insurance intact. BC is nowhere near becoming a free enterprise province but more like a government controlled province where the dictators in Victoria will tell us how we are going to live and survive. BC is fast becoming more like a socialist/communist country where freedom is not allowed to exist and be free. And with Convid20 just about ready to kick soon BC will only get worse. This China virus will give the government even more dictatorial powers to control and ruin everyone's lives. But this is what the buffoons want and so they shall get it.

Canada does not have any real free enterprise leaders in government anymore. Just socialist and communist so called pro government leaders. Since old man comrade Trudeau took power in 1980 Canada has steadily gone downhill. Canada was once known as a great capitalist country but now has become a great socialist country. We are overtaxed, we have way too much government, and freedom appears to be on the chopping block. To see and watch a country that has such full potential to become a leading country in the world is now starting to want to look more like Cuba or Venezuela. And no doubt the same fools will put Trudeau back in power again. That is when we all should know by then that Canada has truly become an asylum full of zombie follower no minds. Just do as the government and the media tells us to do and all will be okay and that we should all be very happy to start to live this new normal life that has been foisted on us all. Aw well. :unsure:



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