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A disgraceful coup against President Donald Trump is in the making.

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On 11/17/2020 at 6:43 PM, Cannucklehead said:



Of course he would try to drag us into his failure.   :rolleyes:

He does have a point though, why not just stick with paper ballets? 

The US voting system is a convoluted mess, it seriously needs a major overhaul. And it should be done by a group that represents the citizens of the country, not the politians. 

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I want our neighbors to the south to enjoy prosperity, liberty and to thrive in every positive way. Since Trump took office in 2016 something truly nefarious started and hasn't stopped. I don't know o

It would appear to me now that there truly is a coup going on in America to oust President Trump. I am at a loss as to how Trump could be losing the election. When Trump has a rally, tens of thousands

I suggest in this climate that everything being said is just based on assumptions. We already know all about how fake news abounds. It's still the same world. Wait and see.

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