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Media issue with open-ended question...

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I've already complained before here regarding media issues that while others may agree, I am at a loss of determining what to do...

I had a deal with one of our cable companies who appear to be intentionally forcing me to UPGRADE by....

(1)Creating router/modem for Internet to fail. 

I had sudden failures with the Cisco router that is the LAST box that Shaw will offer that permits direct control. The failure would continue to cut me off and the box would constantly attempt to refresh over and over. So I had to replace it. I accepted them to send me a second box although they were attempting to get me to change when I talked with them. 

However, the new box failed immediately with the same issue. This is NOT an issue of the lines or other devices although this is what they attempted to argue, ...as usual. They then asserted that they can give me the new box without expecting me to pay more (not that these proprietary software boxes SHOULD cost anything given they are both NECESSARY for the service and unable to be useable for anything else.) My term is almost up of a 2-year deal and so they said that we can redress this again then. (no offer to get the old box back) 

Thus, after two returns, I get this new box only to discover that it is SEVERELY insecure and unable for us to completely control. In fact, while you can do basic setup on it, the mechanism of normal router controls that you use to protect and direct your OWN online activity, now requires that you go ONLINE to a remote site to use those features, such as turning on or off our wireless! Further, you can only direct VPN issues online as well as for any MAC adress controls, hardware FIREWALL, and basically everything related to SELF-SECURING our computers (for those of us knowing how to). 

These new boxes have nothing but one indicator light on it and reduces the capacity for more than two direct line connections. This means they want to encourage ONLY WIRELESS connections. Again, this adds to REMOVING SECURITY measures even the best coders could not secure. It also adds strong multiple antennae in it and appears as one of those boxes literally of direct concern of 'spying' that we see in the likes of the recent program, "NEXT". Although the 'Alexa', 'Corona', and other features are not supposedly active in its hardware, this CAN operate as such. [We cannot open the box to determine what else might be added,....such as possible mics, for instance.]

I believe this was done on purpose given my contract is coming up and they know that I'm very vocal online about complaining of these issues. These new boxes permit definite capacities to spy through our ISP and I don't see anyone raising the alarm....at least in Canada. [The U.S. citizens would prevent this very quick. They even forced their providers to NOT have absolute proprietary boxes, only a 'SIM' card type input. The card on ours is blocked.]


(2)Creating Software issues with the prior 'free' computer security software so that we require removing it for normal functionality of the computer.

I have been having this particular issue with "McAfee" (called "Shaw Secure") but discovered that Shaw no longer covers this if you don't have it ON your computer through them upon the new "negotiating" time of any contracts. Since mine is almost up and we require paying for it as an extended "feature" for Shaw, I will be again Forced to pay for it or go without. 


I have tried to complain similar issues before but our politicians on the 'left' are ignoring it (very odd since communications media used to be an issue for liberal-minded parties). I am afraid to contact my local MP given he's conservative and would likely favor permitting government spyware and opening more avenues for police, military, and corporate officials to control our media. [Many falsely think that conservatives would favor the reverse. This is NOT the case when it permits corporations and those with power now to utilize.]

We've already lost here in Canada by how at every step the American's have discovered and stopped (or impeded) laws permitting government, corporate, or other private interest organs, to spy and censor our media. I know that I cannot do anything alone other than to ask for help in places like this for help, even if only to raise the flag and get others to notice. This is NOT limited to particular parties here because our Constitution permits this kind of behavior by default of things like 'culture' laws. In fact, the CRTC may still be under the "Cultural" banner here as it was the last time I checked. 


So HELP. Is there ANYTHING that we can do? I cannot complain to CRTC because they are not actually fair in being able to complain without a great deal of expense and burden when complaining. The fact that they have all hearings done in Montreal (and most likely more in French when dealing with English issues and vice verse.) All our media here shares SOME varient of spying/spyware but differ on who they prefer be privileged to do it. The left will favor 'government' more but all communications they favor go through their party before being sent through to our particular representatives. For the right, they would favor particular corporate privileges. [We already have 'legal' official conspiratorial bodies set up as pretenses for protecting us. This is their industry groups referring to 'quality' issues that the public can write into. These only alert the very companies we have complaint against as an 'industry' representative in the same way the "Rentalsman" offices represent with priority the owners pretending to be set up to serve the renter.]


I am at a complete loss because even 'protesting' this is not possibly effective. It only ISOLATES those who now lack the medium should you simply NOT buy in. I think there IS a real conspiracy on these issues and so relatively universal across optional alternatives. It is set up only to APPEAR as though we have choice. Our media freedoms are the first priority of any concern for the people, no matter who you are, because it controls the air we communicate with between us. We already know how the present domination of Internet media already has and does this now. 

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Have you thought of purchasing a separate router of your own choice to put in line with your internet provider router, for added security if you don't trust the one that they supply?

A neighbour of mine did that just to get more range with his wireless signal that he wasn't getting with the service provider router!

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On 11/11/2020 at 11:22 AM, sidewinder said:

Have you thought of purchasing a separate router of your own choice to put in line with your internet provider router, for added security if you don't trust the one that they supply?

A neighbour of mine did that just to get more range with his wireless signal that he wasn't getting with the service provider router!

do have an old one that I might be able to use. I'll have to look at it. But it might slow down access with a noticable delay. 

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