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Our governments have spent hundreds of millions of dollars responding to the covid19 crisis. They have done this while preventing no deaths. The idea of the lock downs was always to flatten the curve, which means that the same number of infections over a longer period of time, basically letting some people getting ill later instead of too many all at once. News people it is now later, and those delayed illnesses are happening now. Flattening the curve means lower initial infections than would occur under what could be called an unrestricted wave. Under the unrestricted wave though the number of infections reduces faster. The reason for this is that there will be an increasing number of people who have developed immunity. This should eventually result in herd immunity. Many people try to discredit the idea of herd immunity, but at the same time they believe that a vaccine will save us by achieving herd immunity. At some point in time there will be fewer infections under the unrestricted wave than the flattened wave. After 10 months it is difficult to tell if we have arrived at that point yet. It is possible that we now have more current infections than if restrictions had never been put in place.


All of this does not mean that there are the same number of deaths with or without lock downs. There is of course collateral damage resulting from the lock downs. Border closures have caused an increase of deadly drugs circulating among our opiod dependent population. Many of these people became dependent after being prescribed opiods by doctors or dentists, and now face an increased prospect of an early death.


Another case of collateral damage is people who are on waiting lists for procedures tat are necessary to battle cancer, heart disease etc.. In the spring our hospitals were shut down, delaying these time sensitive procedures. Many other people were not even able to be assessed for these ailments meaning that they could not even have treatment scheduled. We can only assume that there were several deaths among these people. The effects of isolation has also had a negative on the physical and mental health of people in general, but even more so on our seniors. Many feeling lonely or even abandoned, resulting in increasing mortality from cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers and a host of other ailments.


Other collateral damage came from the closure of our schools for 3 months, resuting in the loss of nearly one third f the school year. Many students kept up by working online, but with several parents lacking computer skills, meant children under joint custody with parents not able to cooperate that an estimated 0ne third of students did not keep up with on line studies.


The lock downs also resulted in unprecedented business failures, while government expenditures were skyrocketing. This is resulting in government debt that was unimagable less than a year ago. There is also the loss of community. People are now seen as a threat , instead of friends and neighbours. The loss of sporting events, live music, family gatherings etc. Has left many thinking that many of the things that enrich their lives has been taken from them.


As for the hospitals being overwhelmed by covid cases, there is still on average less than 2 patients per hospital in Canada. Hospital closures, and impending health care cuts necessitated by debt repayments taking an ever larger portion of government expenditures will put serious stress on our health care system, and almost certainly be overwhelming.

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5 hours ago, oops said:

Our governments have spent hundreds of millions of dollars responding to the covid19 crisis. They have done this while preventing no deaths.


Sorry, couldn't read further than that in your post.

Spending is not about preventing deaths; it is about preventing bankruptcies , putting thousands of hungry people out on the streets , reversing the real estate trends and ultimately blowing up this f*g inflated balloon called Canada.

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