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Canada's screwed up warship competition

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Good news! No need to worry about any of the procurement programs DND is running because every single one of them,  yes, 100% are on time and on budget! So says DND's report to parliament. Yes, the open and transparent government of Justin Trudeau is happy to tell us all that they're doing just wonderful in every single way.

Just don't ask to examine the documents. Because that's just not happening.

Military equipment procurement is not only well managed but all programs are within budget and on schedule, the Department of National Defence has boasted to parliament.

But with shipbuilding projects going billions of dollars over cost and other equipment purchases delayed, a Conservative MP says the department’s claims are pure fantasy.

“Defence equipment acquisition is well-managed,” the Department of National Defence noted in its 2021-2022 plan recently presented to parliament. One hundred per cent of the projects remained on their approved schedules and cost in the fiscal year 2019-2020, the planning report added.

But Conservative MP Kelly McCauley said the report seems to be a window into an alternate universe. “I find it mind-boggling they are trying to claim everything is on schedule when obviously that isn’t the case,” said McCauley, who monitors procurement on the Commons government operations committee. “DND seems detached from reality.”


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The PM does not ride around in a F-18, thats why the CC-150's are being brought up...

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Thats because Justin told us his government is honest and transparent , so transparent they had to invoke laws normally used to cover evidence in terrorist cases...


In addition, the federal government has tried to limit the amount of information available on the surface combatant project. It is using a legal measure usually reserved for terrorism cases to prevent lawyers from examining documents on the controversial acquisition.

Perhaps a liberal can explain why they would do that... I know won't happen...how does a 14 bil dollar project blow up to a 77 bil one, and it does not include subs, or destroyer replacement, or the big honkin ship we were looking at...

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