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I Couldn't believe it when i heard Canada's chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam response to the rise in Covid cases , she actually said that maybe we need thicker masks than the ones that are being used now....Wow, that statement just shows how out of touch with whats happening in the real world Dr. Theresa Tam and here superiors in government are.


We dont need thicker masks , what we need is for people to actually wear the existing mask properly in the first place. that means not below your nose, or below your chin, or not at all like many people were doing last summer.


Last summer i went into a department store, i saw a tall man walking around with no mask on at all, he was approaching people in the store and they were visibly concerned and moving away from him... i sought out the store manager and asked her what the store policy is regarding mask wearing. She replied "no mask , no entry" end of story. I then said to her well there is a guy in your store and he has no mask on. she ran to where i told her he was, she spoke with him , and then she came back to me, while he stayed there in the store.  She came up to me and said "he says he has a medical condition", she said her head office told us that if someone says they have a medical condition that we are not to confront them and to just leave them alone. She looked at me and said she was not comfortable , nor her staff, nor the other costumers with having people who were not wearing masks in the store, but their was nothing further she could do it was head office policy.

I went next door to Walmart just out of curiosity to ask their manager what was the policy for people trying to come in with no mask. The Walmart manager said boldly "No Mask, No Entry",,, I then ask the manager what if they say they have a medical condition ?, the managers shoulders sank down and looking sadly now, said our head office said to let them in and not to argue with them. This manager said too that her staff(associates) weren't happy about that policy at all, they were all scared. i thanked here for here time and left.

Now i was even more curious about the government rules regarding mask wearing. So i phoned the city's 311 information line. I explained to the 311 government attendant what had just happened and asked her what exactly are the rules regarding mask wearing in stores ?. The answer i got went like this, She said  that each stores can have and set a "no mask no entry" policy during covid if they want to, and they can ask people who are not wearing a mask to leave. BUT she continued to say , if a person says they dont want to wear a mask due to a medical condition  and the store asks them to leave then under THE CANADIAN CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS that person might be able to take the store to court for that. 

The 311 operator told me that some stores cant afford to be taken to court, or  other stores would rather spend the money on things other than hiring lawyers in a legal fight that could end up going to the supreme court of Canada. So rather than argue with a person about their claims of having medical conditions the company's were simply telling their store managers to not question the medical claims and let them into the store.

So because of fear of being taken to court under the CANADIAN CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS stores were not strictly enforcing mask wearing  last summer. and that could be a big part of the reason covid cases began to rise.

It also seemed like store employees were also apprehensive about asking people to wear masks properly, . Again probably due to fear of legal reprisals ?

So do Masks need to be thicker as Canada's chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam said. Or do we need to amend the charter of rights so that store owners are not afraid to ask people to wear a mask ?


The Question -

 - should the THE CANADIAN CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS  be amended  with a clause or provision to take into account a pandemic situation, a provision that keeps store owners from being sued under the charter if they refuse someone entry into the store for not wearing a mask,   a provision that would only apply during a pandemic situation.


thank you

Brett R.




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