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Fascism in Canada & the Origin of Covid 19?

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16 hours ago, Zeitgeist said:

Canada routinely plays the soft power role because it helps the US and allies to massage their foreign policy around the world when the maple leaf is singing from the same song sheet.  The problem for Canada is that without more hard power, the country loses credibility and often has to choose from the best larger power's foreign policy.  Not always.  Sometimes Canada takes a different course as she rightly did on Iraq.  With Venezuela I'd agree that the situation is concerning.  We've been pulled into US diplomatic wars as well, as in the case with China over the Huawei bank fraud business.  Only strong leadership that understands wherein the power lies and how to wield it to serve the country's interests can change this.  It means focusing on substance instead of showmanship and making hard choices around expenditures.

Right off the bat Canada needs to stop funding strange international projects and dubious equity schemes and focus on security in health, food, defence, energy, and commanding heights manufacturing (steel, planes, trains, automobiles, high tech agri, information technology, biotech, etc.), as well as STEM education and literacy (where we actually do shine).  Stop the anti-Canadian rhetoric and identity politics which have defined the federal government since Trudeau took office.  

First, it should be noted that Canada's opposition to the Iraq Invasion is the last time Canada has ever crossed US geopolitical objectives, and I would bet it will never happen again...even if an NDP Government manages to form a government somehow. At the time, Chretien had the backchannel briefings that showed it was almost certain that the WMD story was hoax, and the case for making it a case to support invasion was based all on one dubious witness - the infamous "Curveball," who was already a proven liar by that time. Bush 2 was learned to have said prior to getting elected that he had to 'finish the job his father started.' So, they were looking for crap to add up to support the case for invasion of Iraq. 

They knew it would be costly, in terms of American lives (mostly National Guard recruits who never expect to actually be in a real shooting war) and it was a time when MSM narrative management was much less complete than today. Nevertheless, notice how old Georgie - who was portrayed as the 'Trump' of his time, ends up portrayed as a fatherly figure sharing chocolates with Michelle Obama (ain't that sweet) now that he has become accepted again as part of the elite club!

Anyway, I see Canada's real loss of independence as being when Mulroo signed us on to NAFTA, which at the time those of us who were working in industries where manufacturing could easily be shipped off to Mexico and other authoritarian regimes with lots of peasants who work for peanuts and are careful not to criticize their leaders. Of course it didn't take long for America to start losing jobs as well, and even Mexico couldn't bid equally for some labor-intensive work like textiles..which ended up in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia or wherever Walmart can find the cheapest costs for finished product. 

But the worst aspects of Free Trade are:

1. The spiral into increasing inequality, which is still ongoing. And-

2. The loss of national sovereignty, as conservatives have to take their lumps for this one: Canada now has no effective control over our own economy. That's how we lost medical research and development that absent-minded conservatives are blaming on Trudeau Jr. now. But he's just a fashion model cutout of what a leader is supposed to be! The real damage was done 30 to 40 years ago, as the terms of NAFTA set in and destroyed automotive and removed our abilities to support our own industries.

*it's not just vaccine production! Look at what happened in Saskatchewan, when a few uninformed locals thought they could stop the sale of Saskatchewan Potash to an American buyer!  

We're just America's northern province today, and Trudeau Junior is the Prime Minister we deserve and get, because a real leader gets kneecapped and removed from office in short order!

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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear coronavirus, happy birthday to you.

Namely, on this date a year ago the first covid-case was discovered here in Finland. It was a Chinese tourist. Did our feminist government close the borders or at least force arrivals on quarantine? Of course they didn't.

One year on and now we are on the verge of a lockdown and a curfew has been proposed. 


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