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Trumps Proud Boys were government informants

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1 hour ago, godzilla said:

two more Proud boys going to jail.

MTA worker, second NY man with bomb-making files identified as Proud Boys, face new Capitol conspiracy charges

two more Trump supporters... wining. not.

I don't know where I read it now, but it seems part of the reason why these homegrown proto-fascist terrorists have grown without gaining attention from the police state is because all of the attention has continued to be focused on Muslims and Arab names, with the Trump officials demanding resources put in place to surveil BLM and antifa groups that if anything, present a much less of a threat to society and governing authorities than fascist wannabes.

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Are you implying that it's a bad thing if this guy was informing against human smugglers? WTF is wrong with you? Seems more like an upstanding citizen to me.

A bigger question is, why would V. S. Johannes release this info to the public:


Vanessa Singh Johannes, the former federal prosecutor in Tarrio’s case, contradicted his claim of denial saying that Tarrio "cooperated with local and federal law enforcement, to aid in the prosecution of those running other, separate criminal enterprises, ranging from running marijuana grow houses in Miami to operating pharmaceutical fraud schemes."

"Geez, I wonder if I should become an informant for the federal government. I won't get much for it, and if I ever go to jail for anything in the future they will probably expose me as a rat." 

What do you think he's going to jail for anyways? Burning an isis/BLM banner?

Hardly. Kamala Harris was bailing out criminals from the riots. 

Possession of a couple of high-capacity magazines? In the US? Seems unlikely. 

This has the appearance of a whole lot of bluster.


Let'd do a simple comparison, shall we?

Proud Boys leader - informant against human smugglers and drug dealers.

BLM Leader - (Susan Rosenberg) far-left revolutionary terrorist in the 'May 19th Communists' arrested for possession of a large cache of explosives and automatic weapons. Also charged for her role in the bombing of the Senate in 1983.

Interestingly enough, the terrorist was pardoned by a Democrat POTUS, Bill Clinton. 

So, the Dems, who are against legal gun ownership, are in the business of pardoning criminals with illegal weapons, just like they're in the business of making sure that police don't confiscate guns from all the black men who are killing other black men. AAnnnnnd, they're in the business of pardoning rioters and looters, and they're not bothered by the assaults of police officers at riots either.

Dude, everywhere I look the Dems are pardoning actual criminals, promoting rioting & violence, and cozying up to terrorist activity. 

What was the point of starting this thread again godzilla?

Were you trying to point out how stupid, repugnant and worthless the Dems and their supporters are? 

GJ, godzilla, you NAILED IT!

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