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Ok, as if more evidence of the topics discussed earlier was need.

Trying to access CRA Account this morning. Worked fine last time.

"We have introduced new authentication and you have been selected to try it. Please receive code".

Enter number. No code. Second time. None. Third time. Ditto.

Only one button: "Next" and back to square one if code not entered

"Your account has been locked. Please contact ...."

9 am. Calling the number, after 5 choices: "Your waiting time is over two hours. Please stay on the line. Your call is valuable to us, etc yada".

Musak. 5 min.... 15 min... counting. Nice classical music though. Great job!

Middle of the global pandemics. Offices are closed. Some folks must be staying on the line for hours, needing access to benefits. In it together.

On vaccine distribution, Canada doing pretty good (given the challenges)!

Here, the professor just nailed it: it's all in the challenges. Just find the good challenges, and we're out of the woods. And in the third group in per capita rollout already feels, and sounds as "pretty good". Canada's Covid mortality, per capita, is higher than Ukraine's (GDP per capita USD $3600). Still, looks "pretty good"!

Will it get any better? Why should it though? What would be the incentive to do any better, if and when the bureaucracy measures its own efficiency, quality and success? That possibility just isn't logical. Sorry to break it.



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Update: City of Ottawa released a new version of Covid-19 information site, complete with "Source of infection" statistics. It took almost to day, a year. In the chart, please note exactly two (1, 2) informative columns: "outbreak"; "travel". And everything, including two unknown sources (out of 5) must be, according to the science of the day, due to a "Close contact".

Now, a second year IT student should be able to put a bunch of CSV files online in basic diagrams on a two-week project (and does it show as though an attempt at sophistication has been made?). This is the service that we bought for a year of busy work and probably by a department.

Ok I have only one question: sure this approach worked 150 years back in a rustic backwater of the world exporting lumber and beavers. But are we certain it's going to work in the 21st century, with problems like Covid, climate change, globalization and so on?

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3 hours ago, myata said:


This whole country is running on auto pilot.  No matter which government institution you call, what time of day, month or season they always  "Currently experience higher call volumes than normal."

I could not even reach the TD investment services after two hours on hold.

Now they have the COVID to use as an excuse.  A bullshit place this is!


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This is such a graphic illustration of bureaucratic, and entrenched corporate mentality though, even before strategies and solutions are made. A clearly extraordinary situation; many people in distress; as a principal service provider in the country, what do you do?

Open the service, hire more people to offer both better service and opportunities?

No. You cancel all regular hiring (go ahead and check); hide behind the corporate walls complete with automatic response systems (sorry, we're experiencing high call volume please call another time, goodbye!) and put out cheerful slogans, "in it together and looks pretty good!". Surely it worked always (somehow) so why not this time around?

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"and that is why . . . . "                                                                                                                                                                                                                Anyone else offended by this phrase spoken slowly and used constantly by Trudeau?                                                                       Like he's telling a child to put their shoes on the right feet, or pull their pants up after using the toilet.

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2 hours ago, Nefarious Banana said:

"and that is why . . . . "                                                                                                                                                                                                             

"... we must be entitled to our entitlements"

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