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The Middle Ages spanned roughly from the 11th to 15th centuries...with 1100-1346 being the 'High Middle Ages'...The Pest stopped that bit of fun.


But we'll be a little more liberal with the definition...anything post Rome to the Thirty Year War.

To start...everybody's favorite...the Hundred Year War. (aka Hundred Years' War & One Hundred Year War, etc)



To sum it all up in a nutshell. Who gets to rule France?? Let's fight for it...a great dynastic war lasting generations.

An introduction.


Hundred Year War...month by month. The lightning pace!

Kings & Generals' great summation of the main battles...

Sluys & Crecy...the opening campaigns.

Poiters...the Black Prince

Agincourt...England's triumph. 

After Agincourt you'd think the English had it made...nope. The French came back...Joan of Arc and all that.


More to follow as I get to it.

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The Children's Crusade 1212 AD



Apparently this is two events/movements that have been mixed together by popular culture and embellished over the years. Much is myth; but as with all myths, there's the underlying truth.

The skinny: A shepherd boy gives charity to a poor traveler who then claims he's Jesus Christ and has a letter for the King of France which he gives to the boy. On the lad's journey to see the King, thousands of other children rally to the cause...which is modified to include marching to the Levant to peacefully convert the Muslims. The Mediterranean Sea was to divide at Genoa and allow dry passage to Jerusalem. Didn't happen, of course.

At this point the children were apparently lured by two dastardly merchants who offered free passage to the Holy Land aboard their ships...but ended-up selling them all into slavery in North Africa.

How much is true? Hard to say....  


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The Combat of the Thirty 

March 26th, 1351 AD



During a truce during the Breton War of Succession...part of the 100 Years War...two rival knights solve their dispute with a fight to the death sort of tournament rather than getting into a full blown war. Thirty per side were chosen to have-at-it with mace, axe, sword and lance. Time was taken for wine and cheese breaks. The results were predictable with all being either wounded or killed. The French prevailed in the dispute...the English survivors were ransomed for a reasonable amount.

Heralded at the time as a most chivalrous affair between gentlemen. It went 'viral' for the time...   



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