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Make no promises past the 4 year mandate.

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I fine it most annoying that politicians make these wild promises that are for greater than their 4 year term. "2 billion trees in ten years" from the liberals as an example knowing full well that once they leave office that will be erased and have some other wild dream idea in its place. I would like to hear only what can be done in the 4 year term and prove that they have the answers before I hear about 10 and 15 year dreams.

Doug Ford canceled billions in green energy deals in Ontario and had to saddle the tax payer with the cancelation bills. I want Canadians to ask for the 4 year reachable goals before we go dreaming away at long term. Just a thought!

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I agree with Johnny, telling us what is going to happen in 10 years is nothing more than a lie or a dream. Perhaps they can be more truthful, like we are passionate about this issue, and while we are elected we will concentrate on it, here is what we plan to accomplish in our first mandate....

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