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Is Canada's government too big?

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I find that with too many people we get little done unless you are an army, in that we have 443 members of the federal government House and Senate combined. I see little be accomplished in the past few years other than sandal hunting and being so partisan that no matter what is brought forward it goes nowhere.

Just wondering if others feel the same way and any ideas for a solution?


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This is exactly the government that Canada wants, because we don't want to get anything done, just cruise through life until maybe something becomes important .... sorry a pandemic does not count, to much work.... Besides even if we wanted to change things , they are designed in such a way to either stop it dead in their tracks of push it off until next election. we don't have leaders today we have care takers that are paid to yell and scream at each other during the day, while trying not to make any decisions that may change life for the better in this nation..... 

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