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Looked into my account last month and no, can't find the usual CCB payment for my daughter.    Looked back a few more months - they somehow stopped the payments in September 2020.

Called them at 8:59am  to hear their office opens at 9:00 am.  Re-dialed and was now placed on hold.   Exactly 1 hour and 31 minutes later someone picked up !!!!!!    Only to tell me that the befits are in my wife's name and I cannot even ask them questions.  Wait a second, I am one of the parents; we live all together, we have only one joint account.  No, they can do nothing.  Not even look into it based on a signal I gave them.

Surprise , surprise. My wife is not at all able to spend 2 hour on hold to speak with someone; she works in the service industry; what do they expect???

So we mail them a letter.

Today I receive a stupid statement from someone by the name of Bob, who shows me that the CCB for March was withheld because the address they had on file was invalid!  

Wait a second , Bob.  Why are you then mailing this statement to us in March, when you found out the address was invalid in October 2020?  Why are you mailing your statement to an address you think is invalid?  And you know what , Bob?  This address is the valid one and hasn't changed since 2014 !

So , Bob, why not you call me?

Just keep in mind I will need your SIN and income reported in 2019 to the last cent and you WILL also be put on hold for 3 hours since I experience higher than normal call volumes every day for 20 years now and my dick is hard!



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