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Do you believe that Jesus really existed ?

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"Did Jesus Even Exist ?" Youtube video and you can find another videos of him about Jesus or rather someting to go Jesus is a complet fiction.

I don't know if there is a Yeshua ben Yosef would have existed but this personage don't need a matérial basis to exist. Every element of his biography seems to be modelled on a text from the Old Testament. 

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There are other characters made in Abrahamic religion whose existence is contested like Adam, Eve, Abraham or Moses but the case of Jesus is more interesting because we don't really know even if the propaganda who wants to make us believe in his existence incites us to believe in his non-existence because we wonder why to make so much sophism with false proofs like the Shroud of Turin if there are serious proofs going in the sense of his existence. 

In the Christ myth theory there are things who seem to me to be wrong, like the story of Horus and Jesus. Another problem it is to assert a non-existence as if it could really be proved and the absence of proof is not a proof of its absence, just when we make people believe in an existence who would be proved by many elements of proof when in reality there is nothing or almost nothing, there is manipulation or deception. 




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It is possible to do the same thing with Muhammad but the problem it is in the end of story, Momo is a pedophile guru, a war chief, a slave driver... a lot of negative things, magic tricks not very difficult to do who let I think in his existence.

The case of Jesus is :

- full of miracles 

- born from a virgin

- a guy who can die and come back to life

- it is himself god

It smells like a fake or a mythological story. Then if you look at the story of Krishna (existed before the story of Jesus) you see he is Vishnou avatar (it is god or a god), he born in a almost similar way, he is Messia awaited... full of similarities and this is put in the mythology story box.

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Posted (edited)


"Birth of Krishna - Sri Krishna In English - Watch this most popular Animated/Cartoon Story"

In this video you can have an idea about Krishna and you can understand there are similar things but it is not same story and there is no "the history of direct inspiration" like Islam with Christianity or Christianity with Judaism (it is not same story but you can't say story of islam no report with story of Christianisme and Judaïsme).

Then, the manipulation of Abrahamic religion is about with the falsification of history and the stupidity of people to believe History can be an exact science who cannot be distorted for political and/or ideological reasons. When we talk about journalism we talk about current or near history and even if the current history is more relevant than the very distant history because we live in this current history, there are plenty of fake or false news. 


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