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Very naturally we're easing into the standard, default solution: Toronto ("hot spot neighborhoods") will get priority vaccine distribution (18 and up). And because the quantity is limited, everybody else will have to wait till more is available.

How would the virus know the boundary between "hot spots" and regular areas? Can it read postal codes?

What about those who: work, study, visit including family and friends, etc.? Would they be eligible as well?

How would we know where the next "hot spot" will appear? Does it mean that the list will be updated on the go?

How will the integrity in distribution be kept and attempts at abuse prevented?

You can be sure that on the spot the decision was made all these questions were given thoughtful consideration. We'll just have to wait for the expert who will explain and rationalize it away.

Once more, the facts:

US opens vaccinations to everybody, every small town and big city. Ontario opens it to priority areas (in Toronto).

Yes we're doing it (again) with our tax dollars. My, this is even more sad than it looked.

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The previous head of Ontario's vaccine task force was raking $20,000 monthly for his worthy efforts (see current vaccination rates). I wonder what the new ones will be getting for the novel postal code strategy making completely unpredictable mess seven months after the preparations started. At this time I have no idea when to expect general availability in my area with provincial and municipal information contradictory and unclear.

Some pharmacies offer registration with no information on the type of vaccine or expected time, and "subject to availability". What is it? Is it how the third world looks like?

P.S. Can't help wondering what state Canadian Forces are really in, in case of, Heavens forbid, unexpected global issues later this century.

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As said earlier, this has been a pandemics of discoveries and revelations. With that level of privilege afforded by bureaucracy to itself at the time of national and global crisis for mediocre, bordering on miserable results it's becoming very clear that no matter what mental picture we want to paint ourselves, we're not and by far already, that friendly and cheerful egalitarian society where everyone can feel safe and prosper. It is a hierarchical society run by ever more entrenched and non-responsive bureaucracy that all but forgot, if ever knew how to change and evolve. And the consequences of this conclusion in this century will be very difficult to predict. We'll just have to find out, as discovering it these days.

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9 hours ago, myata said:

P.S. Can't help wondering what state Canadian Forces are really in, in case of, Heavens forbid, unexpected global issues later this century.

The CF is in sad shape, for the most part they have been staying at home, doing very little to no training  some have received vaccines, those deployed... the majority has not, and if your looking for any global issue for the CF to respond to... like a near peer nation like maybe a 3 rd world nation, but someone like Russia "you've got to be joking right." Our military has been striped to the bone  a long time ago, those Canadians troops in Ukraine are nothing more than speed bumps, equipped for a training mission not fighting.. Canada has the military it always wanted, bare bones, and nothing in the carboards.. having a military scares the shit out of a lot of Canadians because we have a long history of coup attempts, or generally dictating how the country is run... 

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Another example of hotspot vaccination for all adults reported in BC. Unless this strategy can be maintained along with planned vaccination of the regular population (which can be doubtful based on the progress so far) this can lead to plain chaos. The protection from the vaccines is not instant and can take weeks to come into full effect; at the same time, the virus can move to the next area that could be under protected because vaccine supplies were depleted by the ad hoc approach. And then the vaccine protection will start weakening and expiring.

This way they (I cannot subscribe it in good reason and conscience) could be chasing this moving target forever - with the laurels of eternal heroes of the glorious pandemic fight... in place of a smart and effectively executed plan.

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