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Trudeau decides Canadians' lives aren't worth the risk of offending Indian voters.

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The UK put India on its red list today, banning flights from that country. The new variant in India is spreading like wildfire. It's a double mutation, which makes it harder for both the body's immune system and vaccines to deal with. It's also much more contagious. Even as far back as a month ago, before the disease was spreading so wildly in India, most flights landing from India had one or more infected passengers. The numbers will only have grown since then. Fifty infected flights a week are landing in Canada, with people who can, if they so choose, quarantine for 3 days, or just ignore the quarantine and go home, or even just land in Buffalo and rent a car to come across.

But the Trudeau government is doing nothing about it, nor will it even address the issue, probably because they want to hold an election soon and are counting on Indo-Canadian voters they don't want to risk offending. So they'll let the Indian variant into Canada and the hell with the health of Canadians. If some more people have to die to slightly improve their electoral chances, then so be it.

The Indian variant isn't here yet, or at least, hasn't been detected yet, but you can count on it being found soon if this keeps up. Almost every flight from India now has infected people aboard. Nearly every India-Toronto flight this month carried COVID+ passengers | Toronto Sun

Air Canada 43 on March 9 showed nearly half of the 42-row Boeing 787 Dreamliner affected, including the entire business-class and premium economy cabins, and all but eight rows of economy.

India's variant-fuelled 2nd wave coincided with infected flights | Toronto Sun


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So here's how a real quarantine works to protect people. Hong Kong has a real quarantine, unlike ours.

They banned flights from India after finding 49 covid positive cases on one plane. But they only discovered 6 after the original test at the airport (Canada only tests once). The rest were discovered over the following 12 days of the quarantine. Canada, of course, only quarantines for 3 days, then you're free to go. Presuming you even bothered in the first place.

47 COVID Positive Passengers Were Found On A Single Vistara Flight - Simple Flying

On arrival in Hong Kong, the passengers entered the mandatory quarantine as normal. Six reportedly tested positive at the airport. However, soon after, more passengers began testing positive.

A total of 25 passengers tested positive for COVID to the end of last week. On day 12 of the quarantine period, all travelers were tested again. Incredibly, 22 more passengers tested positive.

Amid surging cases and 'double mutant' variant, flights from India touch down in Canada | National Post

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On 4/19/2021 at 10:34 AM, Argus said:

But the Trudeau government is doing nothing about it,

By doing nothing, they're basically virtue-signalling. At least it's something?

Funny that in BC now they're talking about fining people who travel within the province, but outside of their own public health area. The Ont/Man border is closing. International flight are still A-OK though.

Ware duz leftists lurn thayr siunce?

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