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Ford lock downs Ontario once again.

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3 hours ago, Right To Left said:

I'm more inclined to believe that the pandemic has become endemic and will never end also, as a matter of fact. But not because of the stupid conspiracy-driven reasons you and so many other rightwingers have latched on to! 

We're more likely to have a permanent pandemic, that requires annual or semi-annual vaccine booster shots because that will be the only way to remain disease-free in the future! 

Sure,  Pfizer, Moderna and other multibillion dollar drug companies were looking at the chance to use this pandemic as a cash cow....since they already do it every flu season! 

I'm sure the rich bastards who gather at Davos and other meetups of the rich and powerful were looking forward to easy money. And, since vaccines and treatments go first to those who can afford to pay, no doubt many of them think that causing or allowing millions of deaths around the world will not hurt their business ventures. The only problem with that is that this one looks like it got too big/too fast! And now that the ridiculously generous patent protection laws that have provided guaranteed monopolies are coming under scrutiny, and a growing chorus is demanding that the profiteering stop at least as long as the pandemic goes on, it looks like they got too greedy and killed the goose that lays the golden eggs!

In the coming years, the wealthier classes will be getting their regular (and expensive) booster shots to fight off future Covid variants that will keep mutating and metastasizing wherever there are large enough breeding populations.  The last report I posted about yesterday, noted that getting Covid-19 vaccines to the whole world....including those who can't pay, will take 3 or 4 years! By that time, the morphing and metastasizing coronaviruses will be almost impervious to the original vaccines, and if the disease doesn't become less lethal (no guarantees it will), it will continue ravaging the global south nations already hard-hit by rising temperatures and US foreign policy goals!

The only thing that makes me panic, is being too close to morons like you! India thought they were past Covid-19 also....until this past month. If you can't read this article, take a look at the two charts: new reported cases and deaths (which are severely undercounted to start with) and you might have a clue about why India is 'panicking' now! With both new infections and deaths rising like they're going up the side of a cliff, the people who saw India as being past all worries are looking on as their hospitals fail and patients who can't get inside are left to die out in the streets! Even the morgues and crematoriums are backed up and unable to handle all the dead even if they are open and burning bodies all day and night long! 

 SOS messages, panic as virus breaks India’s health system

Experts tie the sudden surge in Covid-19 with the rise of a new double-mutant variant virus in March, that just happened to coincide with India's annual major Hindu festivals, where hundreds of thousands gather along the Ganges River and holy sites, but the Prime Minister would hear nothing about calls for locking down or postponing these festivals. Everything went ahead as normal, and likely functioned as the primary super spreaders for the pandemic that started making people sick a few weeks later. Up till three weeks ago, PM Modi thought he was on easy street heading to an easy re-election later this year; but it looks like the real world is going to crash his party! 

Is there a lesson there for all of you morons here who are demanding everything be open, and no restrictions like social distancing and mask wearing!

You have the gall to throw a tantrum because you and other rightwing hacks don't want to follow any rules, because you would rather endanger public welfare than not be allowed to do everything you want! 


If anything, three and six feet spacing may not be enough indoors, as evidence suggests that some people (especially big mouths who try to talk over everyone else) project viral aerosol particles further than others. 

So, for the foreseeable future, avoid the amount of time you have to spend in indoor public spaces and Wear A Mask! If it's properly fitted and kept over the nose and mouth while indoors, it will at least reduce the amount of potential Covid-19 particles you are exposed to. 


You made a big mistake when you went from right to left. Now you sure do show that you know nothing at all except what your dear comrade political leaders and the lying media tells you. I can guarantee you that those elite globalist bastards that you refer too, and those lying welfare recipient political bums  will not be taking this covid vaccine either. They know that what it in the vaccine is no dam good for the body. It will only make those who take this covid vaccine sick or die. But sadly, you are not that bright enough to see the bull chit in all of this.

Even after a year of this bull chit covid virus nonsense you still believe that this covid virus and it's variants is only just the beginning and that we will all have to take the jab every year from now on to keep ourselves from dying from some fake and phony virus that will supposedly kill you. It is the right wing people that are tying to tell lefties like you that this covid vaccine is dangerous to ones health. Sadly, those left wing liberals are too stupid to get anything right. 

Those rich bastards are out to injure or kill you and you seem to be quite happy about that. So, go ahead, take all the vaccines that you want too, just leave those who do not want to take the jab f'n bloody well alone. It's our body and not yours body to play with and inject shit into our bodies. You will pay for your foolishness and stupidity one day. Enjoy. 

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On 4/26/2021 at 8:04 PM, Right To Left said:

Christ! We can't get vaccines in Ontario/ just more promises from Doug Ford's emissaries that they'll arrive soon!

I say lucky to the people of Ontario who do not end up taking this experimental gene therapy Covid vaccine. They might just be able to stay healthy and safe a bit longer from the effects of this Covid vaccine. Hey, we never know, eh? ;)

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