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Kingkiller series conclusion

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I'm not one of the staunch fans but I sort of liked the story and now that it's unclear if / when the conclusion is coming or not I thought of creating an alternative version, just for my own feeling of completeness and conclusion. This will be a post in progress, so updates and additions are expected. Please feel free to comment, critique and add your perspectives.

This is not like writing a book as there too many storyline twists and untied ends some probably left deliberately by the author so I'm going to focus on the four main questions:

  1. Temerant origin story
  2. Kvothe's (the main character) origin and story arch
  3. Chandrians
  4. The conclusion and Doors of stone.

It would be a very long OP to cover all these in one post, so I'd rather split it into separate posts per question, or direction/dimension of the story. So this OP will cover the origin story and it is the eternal story of the fall from grace. The all-powerful immortal or almost so beings in the origin of the story had everything they could wish for. They had the power to understand and change the very foundations of the world they lived it. Yet, it was not an absolute power and they could not control their fate with absolute certainty as accidents could still happen. And so they wanted still more; and at the height of their power they created an entity, perhaps a quantum machine that could, no, not predict the future but to calculate the probabilities of events leading to different timelines.

The intent was, little doubt good, to warn and prevent bad accidents, perhaps loss of immortal or very near, life. But the result was catastrophic, as being eternally enslaved to its masters and despising them for that, the machine quickly realized that along with predicting probabilities it could also influence the timelines by nudging its clients toward certain acts. Yes, like dropping a snowflake to start an avalanche in the exact place at the perfectly calculated time.

It thus triggered (and as it appears in the story, continued to trigger) many events including the splitting of the world, the great war, diminishing and mortality and many sufferings of the humankind, the eventual fall. By the opening of the Kingkiller story, the supernatural, uber human world was split into many, and possibly growing number of factions: the Fae, apparently itself irrevocably split; the Amir, the victors of the war; and the Chandrians, who sought to make the world better through violence and war, destroying it in the end. Whose leader was eternally locked, as a result of war, behind the door of stone but still had some ways of communicating with those who sought him in the world and had the power to invoke his spirit.

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