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I shouldn't have to remind everyone here not to feed the trolls. When you reply to the trolls like Scarascar, you're simply encouraging them to disrupt the place more. It took me over 45 min to remove all those postings and threads.

Also remember, if you respond to a troll with a well thought out response, or you try to engage others in a off-topic thread the troll has created, you risk losing your posting entirely. This is because I often nuke whole threads if the majority of the thread is troll bait, off-topic, etc.

For those who are curious, Scarascar was our friend, MapleSyrup/Mirror/BigDude reincarnated.

Be warned, if you're serving a suspension and I catch you posting under a different name, you will be permanently banned. Also, if you're using multiple user accounts, please stop. If I catch anyone using multiple account, you'll be banned without warning.

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