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This seems like the appropriate place for this, so, to all the friends I've made here at MLW over the past year, and also to those with whom I don't see eye to eye, and even to MONTYBURNS :D , may you all have a GREAT 2006.

May you all see health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming year.

Thanks to you all for stimulating conversation, occasional vexation, and ALWAYS a great relief from boredom.

And to GREG, many thanks for the venue.

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The Prospect Hotel???

Where are you at??? We have (or had) one of those here in Sudbury. Don't know if it's still in operation or not.

In any case, thanks for the sentiment, nd all the best to you.

(This board needs an emoticon for "cheers", or a toast or something. I know they're out there, I've seen them elsewhere. Oh well, "Cheers" to all)


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Short and sweet.......

Happy New Year to All

(Even PocketRocket   :D )

Aw, gee. Now I have a warm, damp feeling in my loins.

Oh, wait. That's just the coffee I spilled in my lap. :P

CANUCK E STAN: Interesting. For 10 years I lived about 2 blocks from Wembley, on Wellington.

Used to play basketball in the courts in the Wembley schoolyard.

Small world.

You still in the area???

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Happy New Year to everybody, even the separatist bastard french, the crooked liberals, and all the left wing self proclaimed cerebes. (That's a new noun for cerebral)

I even want to wish an especially Happy New Year and thankyou to Black Dog and I Miss Trudeau for proving to me that people like you really do exist.

Seriously, if everyone was the same, life would be boring.

I hope the new year brings everyone what they want, prosperity, happiness, whatever.

Paul Martin, it's been a slice.

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