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A Question of Values

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As a wonderful role model figure for the younger set today, what do the Liberals really mean when they talk of "values?"

Dollar value? :D

When a society deliberately chooses to turn a blind eye on something that is openly corroding our nation, one can only assume that either....

1) They don't care. As long as it does not affect them directly. Don't we have a word for this? Apathy?


2) They are somehow benefitting from the corruptions...directly or indirectly.


3) They do not see the whole picture....choosing instead to focus on one area that may be close to heart and ignoring the rest.


4) They've been raised and matured in knowing nothing else but the liberal way of thinking. The bleeding hearts whose intentions are well-meant but would only want to see through rose-colored glasses.


5) just thinking only of their selves. The decision based upon these two questions:

What will the Liberals give to me?

What will change of government take away from me?

"Vote with your conscience!" adviced one Liberal supporter. I pray she does.

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