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Craig Read

Tiny Bin Laden Is Dead

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The Clinton news network which loves to regal us with US failures was apoplectic about Tiny's last tape.

Hey i was in NYC when the tape came out 10 minutes from the World Trade Centre area, and not one New Yorker i knew gave a whit about Tiny's 'new tape'.

Considering that it was made 5 years ago, and made no references to dates, times, events, or even had the common sense touch of holding up a current newspaper, it kind of makes sense that the tape was unimportant.

Except for CNN and its breathless teeth and hair reporters convincing us that doom was imminent.

U.S. intelligence officials had clearly said that nothing suggested the videotape was made this spring.

But don't tell the Clinton News Network, the Hillary for 2008 campaign has begun, the war on terror must end in defeat dammit if Hitlery is to win !!

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