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Tort Reform in Texas


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Texas is one of the few regions which have greatly benefited from the tort reforms. Armed with billions of dollars from settlements in the tobacco lawsuits and other big money cases, trial lawyers are seeking to discredit and take away many of the benefits of tort reforms adopted around the country in recent years. Fortunately, a new Texas study is providing facts to combat their campaign of disinformation.

The study looked at inflation, personal income, job creation and other economic factors to determine the success of Tort Reforms, championed by George w. Bush and administration. The overall impact of tort reforms on the Texas economy is estimated to include $ 23.207 billion annual total expenditure for the year 2000. The benefits represent 5.64% of the total income growth, 5.32% of output expansion and 11.4% of the net job creation during 1995-2000. In addition to these specific effects, legal reforms also helped in creating a better environment for economic development within Texas.

Tort Reforms were responsible for creating almost 295,151 permanent jobs in Texas during the past few years. This shows that the tax reforms have had a direct and positive impact on the lives of the consumers. The savings to the typical Texas household in terms of lower prices and increased total personal income amount to $1078 annually, and those savings are projected to grow over time. Many of the cases lying unsolved in the courts have now been cleared, giving the citizens greater access to the courts. So the study confirms that tort reforms have benefited the consumers and businesses and also the courts with civil justice reforms.

Mr. Dick Weekley, co-founder of the organization, Texans for Lawsuit Reforms, has been in the service to restore litigation to its traditional and appropriate role in our society. Dick Weekley’s organization seeks to create a civil judicial system that discourages non-meritorious lawsuits or outrageous claims for damages.

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