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Anybody else have difficulty accepting the fact that women have more control over whether they get pregnant or not than do men following copulation?

Morning after pill gives them 100% control over their birth control post-unprotected sex. After sex, the guy can't do anything.

I do fear that these types of methods though will lead to higher AIDS and STD rates, much like the pill has. They don't do nuttin' to stop disease. Why bother doing anything and being responsible one night when one can just pop a pill the next day and have not a care in the world.

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Well if a guy doesn't want to dole out child support or not want an STD/AIDS, he should be responsible.

I'm sorry, it's just very hard to sympathize with problems such as these when they are so easily preventable.

Now I'll have to deal with evangelists running around town blabbering about how all those problems are "God's punishment for promiscuity" DAMMIT!!!

Call true blue catholicism and Victorian era thinking oppressive and all that, but damn it kept things somewhat under control. Maybe those bastards were on to something and are more clever than we give them credit for.

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