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Craig Read

Countries And Wealth World Bank Report

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According to the World Bank's new report the least regulated and most efficient economies are concentrated among countries with well-established common-law traditions, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the U.S. On par with the best performers are Singapore and Hong Kong.

Joining the leaders are Denmark, Norway and Sweden, social democracies that recently streamlined business regulation.

Poor countries should take note of this - including the Muslim world where instead of killing heathen - building a proper economy might be a more worthy goal.


Number of days to enforce a commercial business contract:

Fastest Countries Days

Tunisia 7

Netherlands 39

New Zealand 50

Singapore 50

Botswana 56

Slowest Countries Days

Guatemala 1,460

Serbia and Montenegro 1,028

Slovenia 1,003

Poland 1,000

Ethiopia 895

Top 10 countries whose regulation systems make it easiest for companies to register, obtain credit, hire and fire workers, enforce contracts and work through the bankruptcy courts.

• Australia

• Canada

• Denmark

• Netherlands

• New Zealand

• Norway

• Singapore

• Sweden

• U.K.

• U.S.

Source: World Bank Group's Doing Business database

There are good reasons why the West is rich.

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you might also note most of the richest nations like the US and Canada have never had a modern war on thier soil. the UK got it bad in WWII, but have had peace ever since.

the middle east isnt like that. it has a history of being part of the foundations of modern culture. too many different peole in once place, endless wars and violence and infighting. the middle east is old world, highly overpopulation, not like canada and the US which have only been nations for about 200 years anyways. north america and the UK are protected by oceans, most of the world is sinking in poverty and overpopulation, but not us.

to think that only modern economic stats reflect the secret of successs is nonsense. geo-politics screwed over many nations 1000 years ago. the US has EVERY geographic and ethic advantage. founded by europeans, the native americans were few enough to be wiped out, the mexians were weak enough to be killed off and rich land taken, and imported blacks to do the hard work. canada too, we have an oasis in the world compared to india, or egypt, or turkey. they have been fighting poverty, war and overpopulation for hundreds of years, before north america was ever "discovered" by europeans.

we got the best of the lot, the middle east got the worst. most things today are a reflection of that.


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