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Craig Read

Eu Aid To Iraq Or Lack Thereof

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Donor meeting in Madrid on Iraq begins today. Apparently the snotty socialists in Europe think they wield great "soft power."

I would say Soft AND Fat.

Japan will pledge at least $1.5 billion for next year to rebuild post-Saddam Iraq. The U.S. about $20 billion. EU Member states last week told the Commission, to put up $235 million. EU External Affairs Commissioner Chris Patten calls this pledge "realistic."

No Patten, you smarmy little twit - you meant 'Soft and FAT'.

The EU last year devoted $6.5 billion to foreign aid. More than a billion of that went to nation-building projects in Europe's Balkan backyard; Serbia alone received $532 million. Before Saddam, the Commission sent $550 million to the Middle East, mostly to places like Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Algeria and Egypt that could hardly be called flourishing democracies. The pledge scrounged up for Iraq will be smaller than the EU's aid efforts in either Mozambique or Ethiopia, no doubt worthy causes, but hardly the great strategic challenge of our time.

The EU and in particular France and Germany are too adolescent to do what is right - instead they want to poke fingers in the US' eye.

Welcome the the childishness of Post Modern, Soft and Fat Europe.

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