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Iraqi Intelligence Files Seized By Cia

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Very interesting turn of events.

I wonder which countries and state officials appear in these records re: selling weaponry to Saddam? Also, officials searching for WMD are now meeting with resistence.


Seized Intelligence Files Spur U.S. Investigations

By Steve Coll

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, November 3, 2003; Page A15

BAGHDAD, Nov. 2 --

-The CIA has seized an extensive cache of files from the former Iraqi Intelligence Service that is spurring U.S. investigations of weapons procurement networks and agents of influence who took money from the government of Saddam Hussein, according to U.S. officials familiar with the records.

-The records would stretch 91/2 miles if laid end to end, the officials said. They contain not only the names of nearly every Iraqi intelligence officer, but also the names of their paid foreign agents, written agent reports, evaluations of agent credentials, and documentary evidence of payments made to buy influence in the Arab world and elsewhere, the officials said.

-The Iraq Survey Group, the CIA-supervised body appointed by President Bush to lead the hunt for special weapons, hopes its searches for fugitive officers from the Iraqi security services may also produce breakthroughs in the hunt for weapons of mass destruction.

-In the meantime, as they travel on site visits and conduct interviews, survey group teams increasingly are falling under hostile, professional surveillance and ambush attempts, according to officials involved in the weapons searches.

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