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Bill Requiring Pullout


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In the face of insults and threats, the US Senate has done something right. The effort of this bill to reign in the failed invasion of Iraq is it's most important feature and hardest for Bush to swallow.

NY Times

Senate Passes Iraq War Bill Requiring Pullout

WASHINGTON, April 26 — The Senate narrowly passed a $124 billion war spending bill early this afternoon after an emotional debate about the best way forward in Iraq. The vote will send the measure to President Bush, who has vowed to veto it because it would require American troops to begin withdrawing by Oct. 1.


Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic majority leader, called the bill one that “we can and will proudly send to the president,” and one that charts a new course in Iraq while honoring America’s fighting forces.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, said the measure is “the only way to make Iraqis take responsibility” for their own destiny. Mr. Kennedy said the president has been wrong all along on Iraq. “Now, he is wrong to threaten to veto this bill,” the senator said. “We cannot repeat the mistake of Vietnam.”

Another Democratic supporter, Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, said the conflict is “a war that never should have started, and on this president’s watch may never end” without a timetable for American withdrawal.


The real question now, 'Will Bush ever face the reality of his foolish war' -- the Buschistas think it's a matter of launching a successful effort to pass the buck but I don't think they realize that America is no longer going to let them slide with a photo op on a boat, in front of a group of uniforms

Americans want the boys to come home - the fraudulent scare tactics and lies are now no more impressive than last season's re-runs --- Sorry, George, we've already seen that one

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