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I have no problem with privatization as long as there is competition. The governments desired kind of privatization is to hand natural resources over to cartels such as the Standard Oil cartel and the banking cartel. We see this in Iraq as well with no bid contracts given to companies - likely based on their political donations because it isn't based on the work they do - we know this because they are not doing the work - they are just collecting the money.

Our governments are put into power by these cartels and are therefore in favour of labeling these industries as "privatized" to sound benign and efficient and to hoodwink the dumbed down public. Our governments answer to these cartels and are not given any choice. If they speak up they get a bullet in the head - its that simple.

When Harper privatizes the prisons & police the same banking cartel will own those and the police will arrest anyone that isn't paying enough income tax to the banks so that they can earn money from them by collecting money for their incarceration from the tax payers. The people that own stock in the corporations will implicitly demand this. The banks will want it too because it fits in with the often stated objectives of the New World Order - so the corporations work the way they do because the banks want it that way. Shareholders also want it that way because they only think in simple terms.

Corporations always work the way the banks want them to because if they don't the banks won't lend them money, their stock prices go down and the required amount of control can be bought. All of the power is always in the hands of the people that print the money - implicitly or explicitly.

The only way for things to ever change is for the public to wake up to the reality and force change from the grass roots.

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