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no what is scarcy is you would think that because we are the same race we share something.

Let met guess, Scott doesn't know what he's talking about either? You've been using that response an awful lot around here and it's getting a little obvious you don't bother much with explanations. You're not a one trick pony are you, trotting into a thread to point out you're the smartest in the room? How about some actual data to back up your arrogant attitude, or be taken as a flake.

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no what is scarcy is you would think that because we are the same race we share something.

Oh dear, a minute ago you were claiming that there's no such thing as race and now you're claiming to be the same race as me? Your complete befuddlement seems to extend beyond describing your political affiliations.

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Maybe everyone could read a little bit more. Not sure if this will help but I found it interesting:


I've actually run into that before. It doesn't really say what you think it says, if what you think it says is that races don't exist. It's simply a rejection of racial hierarchies; something I reject entirely. This thread is not about one race being "better" than another; it's about the fact that the Caucasian race may at some point cease to exist if current immigration and birthrate trends in the west continue.

And frankly, even if it DID say what you think it says, it's only a "study" in the Socialist Register...the "New Left" of the 1990s (which came along after the "New Left" became as much a laughingstock as the "Old Left"). So it's nothing more than opinion cleaned up and legitimated by inclusion in a political journal.

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Sorry, I didn't read the 44 pages of forum posts :)

I didn't think it said that races don't exist, it is more of a paper discussing the history of using science to justify racism because I thought the thread was taking a turn that way kind of.

It defintily is opinion, but then I pretty sure that is entirely what we are engaged in while using this forum aswell.


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Stop being nice...I hate being nice back! Racism is simply a word used to great effect over the past few years to shut down debate, and I long ago became indifferent to it. If it's racist to point out the rather obvious fact that different races exist as either genotypes or phenotypes, then objectively I'm a racist. If it's racist to claim that someone is smarter by virtue of his or her race, then objectively I'm not a racist, but I couldn't care less one way or the other if someone merely throws the term at me. It's time other people stopped challenging it with the "I'm not a racist..." defence, because it immediately diverts attention away from the argument, which is of course why it's used in the first place.

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I;'m not concerned about skin colour per se, but I am concerned about the survival of English language and all of the traditions that go along with it. The world has been dominated by English speaking peoples for the last 150 years and it has been a boon to humanity.

When that ends, it will be somewhat disconcerting to say the least.

I think that post is spot on. The English-speaking countries have some of the best traditions of godo government, liberty, civic tradition, self-discipline and hard work. Through the creation of multilateral bodies such as the UN, and entry into such treaties as Kyoto, we are showing a sickening propensity for gratuitous self-destruction.

If the rest of the world is weilling to plunge itself into a cesspool of war and internecine conflict, trust me, there's little we can do to help. We just destroy ourselves along the way.

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