Federal Government in Canada: Organization, Institutions & Issues

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Mar 4, 2009

The federal or national government is the central level of government in Canada, and is involved in many aspects of Canadians’ lives. The federal government plays a role in such things as the provision of social services, the economy, national defence and security, criminal law, foreign affairs and First Nations policy. This article provides an overview of the federal government in Canada, including its role and powers, its central political, financial and administrative processes, as well as key issues and debates in federal government.

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The Liberal - NDP Coalition and Forming Government

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Dec 19, 2008

Find an explanation of how a proposed Liberal-NDP coalition government could assume power according to Canada’s parliamentary tradition. Includes an examination of a possible vote of non-confidence against the Conservative minority government; a request to the Governor General to allow a Liberal-New Democratic coalition to form a new government; and the immediate tasks facing a possible coalition government once in power.

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The Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons: Role, Structure, and Powers

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jan 30, 2008


p>The opposition is an important element of the Canadian parliamentary tradition and the day-to-day operation of government. This article examines the role, structure and powers of the opposition in Canada’s premier national legislature, the House of Commons.

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Parliamentary Government in Canada: Basic Organization and Practices

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Oct 13, 2007


p>Canada’s parliamentary system is a central component to its government. This system frames the relationship between Canadians and their political leaders, the manner in which laws are passed, and the organization and authority of key government positions and institutions.

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The Prime Minister & Cabinet in Canada

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jun 1, 2007

The Prime Minister and Cabinet sit at the pinnacle of executive political power in Canada. They are responsible for leading the nation and deciding the direction of national public policy. This article provides an introduction to Prime Minister and Cabinet as institutions in the Canadian government.

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The Federal Budget in Canada

Feature by Jay Makarenko || May 1, 2006

The federal government is responsible for managing hundreds of billions of dollars in public funds every year. To effectively manage its money, the federal government, like all Canadians, needs a budget – a financial plan for the future. This article introduces the process and significance of the federal budget. In particular, it examines the nature of the federal budget, the process by which it is made and approved, and its importance to Canada's political and democratic system.

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