Conservative Party of Canada

Almanac: Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper is Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister. He is also leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and represents the riding of Calgary—Southwest.

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Almanac: Federal Election Info

Find detailed information on federal political parties in Canada and links to related features and political cartoons.

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2004 Conservative Campaign Website Review

By Greg Farries on Jun 1, 2004

It would seem that the Conservatives have placed their best foot forward when it comes to the campaign website. My initial impression was that the site was a drastic improvement from the amateurish look and feel of the pre-election post-merger, site.

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Diane Ablonczy Talks about the Conservative Merger

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Dec 8, 2003

Diana Ablonczy talks about the merger between the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance party of Canada.

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