Deficit Spending

Cartoon: Canada Tries to Spend Itself Out of a Recession

Find a political cartoon that depicts Canada trying to spend itself out of a recession and in turn filling the country full of delays.

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What's conservative about the Conservative budget?

By Harold Jansen on Jan 28, 2009

Although the budget may not look very conservative, its long run impact is very consistent with the goal of a smaller, leaner federal government.  In that way, the budget is very consistent with Harper's incremental conservatism.

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Cartoon: Canada's New Federal Deficit - Preparing to Dig a Big Hole

Find a political cartoon depicting the federal government ready to dig a big hole as the government prepares to go into deficit.

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Cartoon: Canada Enters a Recession - Conservative Government Changes Tune

Find a political cartoon depicting Canada entering a recession, while Prime Minister Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty discuss whether Canada's economy is technically in recession.

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Cartoon: Flaherty and the Potential for a Federal Budget Deficit

Find a political cartoon depicting a federal budget deficit as being a jack-in-the-box for the Conservative Party Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty.

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Cartoon: Preparing for Ontario's Economic Crisis

Find a political cartoon depicting the coming economic crisis in Ontario as being a wild roller coaster ride.

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