Electoral Reform

Senate Reform in Manitoba -- The Case for a "Weighted Districts" Model

By Jared Wesley on Mar 1, 2009

In response to a series of reforms proposed by Prime Minister Harper, the Government of Manitoba is investigating new ways of selecting provincial representatives in the Senate of Canada. As part of this process, the Manitoba Government just completed a series of public consultations, during which I recommended the province adopt a "Weighted-District-Election" model for selecting Senators-in-waiting... 

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Considering the 2008 Election Results: Canada’s Electoral System Needs to be Replaced

By Harold Jansen on Oct 17, 2008

I’ve been thinking over the election results since Tuesday night and I keep coming back to one thing: Canada’s electoral system needs to be replaced. I need to point out first of all that I’m not an electoral system ideologue. I don’t think there’s one abstract, theoretically derived system that works best in all countries and at all times. Canada currently has a single member plurality electoral system (often misleadingly labelled the “first past the post” system).

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Canada’s Electoral System: Introduction to Federal and Provincial Elections

Feature by Brian Doody || Dec 3, 2007


p>While the origins of some elements of Canada’s electoral system can be traced back to medieval England, others have been added more recently and reflect changes in the way that election campaigns have evolved, as well as an ongoing concern that elections be kept free and fair.

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Cartoon: Electoral Reform and Multi Member Plurality

A political cartoon depicting the confusing question of whether we should change our current electoral system.

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Ontario MMP referendum

By Harold Jansen on Oct 10, 2007

Matthew Soberg Shugart, one of my favorite electoral systems specialists, and certainly my favorite electoral systems blogger (it's a small club) has written a great blog post about the referendum and MMP in Ontario.

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Doug Bailie From Fair Vote Canada Talks about Electoral Reform

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Sep 1, 2003

Doug Bailie, one of the organizers behind Fair Vote Canada, an organization looking to reform Canada’s electoral system to adopt a system of proportional representation talks about electoral reform in Canada.

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