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Treasury Board of Canada: History, Organization and Issues

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Dec 14, 2009

The Treasury Board of Canada represent a key entity within the federal government. As an important cabinet committee and central agency, they play an important role in financial and personnel administration. Even though the Treasury Board plays a significant role in government decision making, the general public tends to know little about its operation and activities. The following article provides an introduction to the Treasury Board, with a focus on its history, responsibilities, organization, and key issues.

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Federal Fiscal Policy in Canada: History, Operation, and Trends in the Global Recession

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Oct 13, 2009

With the global economic recession of 2008-09, and the various attempts by the Canadian government and its counterparts around the world to address their economic difficulties, the issue of fiscal policy has come to the fore, earning significant public attention. This article provides an introduction to Canadian fiscal policy at the federal level of government.

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Cartoon: Flaherty Tries to Douse the Flames of Recession with More Money

Find a political cartoon depicting federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty trying to douse the flames of Canada's recession with more federal money.

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What's conservative about the Conservative budget?

By Harold Jansen on Jan 28, 2009

Although the budget may not look very conservative, its long run impact is very consistent with the goal of a smaller, leaner federal government.  In that way, the budget is very consistent with Harper's incremental conservatism.

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Ignatieff's balancing act: support the budget, but not too much

By Harold Jansen on Jan 27, 2009

And it all comes down to this: budget day! Things in Canadian politics have been pretty slow over the last month or so. But today we see the budget that will determine not only the way the government responds to the recession we're experiencing, but also the future of the Liberal-NDP coalition. The NDP and the BQ have pretty much indicated that they oppose the budget and want the coalition to proceed. Since Michael Ignatieff has become the leader, he's been decidedly cooler about the coalition idea than his predecessor, Stephane Dion. It seems clear to me that the Liberals are going to support the budget. There's enough there that they can take credt for and support and not enough to justify bringing down the government.

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The 2009 Budget - What (Not) To Look For

By Jared Wesley on Jan 26, 2009

The federal government is going to unprecedented lengths to offer Canadians a preview of Tuesday' budget.  Proponents claim the move will allow Canadians to digest all of the specific measures in manageable bites, while opponents say the government is trying to get all of the "bad news" out of the way early.   Either way, a series of weekend press conferences and television appearances have let several cats out of the bag, and we expect even more announcements today.  Here's a running list of what (not) to look for in the upcoming Throne Speech and Budget:

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Cartoon: Flaherty and the Potential for a Federal Budget Deficit

Find a political cartoon depicting a federal budget deficit as being a jack-in-the-box for the Conservative Party Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty.

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The Federal Budget in Canada

Feature by Jay Makarenko || May 1, 2006

The federal government is responsible for managing hundreds of billions of dollars in public funds every year. To effectively manage its money, the federal government, like all Canadians, needs a budget – a financial plan for the future. This article introduces the process and significance of the federal budget. In particular, it examines the nature of the federal budget, the process by which it is made and approved, and its importance to Canada's political and democratic system.

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